"Translation is the other side of a tapestry"

- Cervantes

Hello! My name is Marina Borges and I'm a translator and an interpreter. I translate both written texts and speeches at conferences, for instance. I can also help in communication as an interpreter during official visits or trips.

I have a BA in Translation Studies from UnB (University of Brasília) and a graduate degree in Conference Interpreting from PUC-Rio. My native language is Portuguese, but I speak English and I am also fluent in Spanish.

My professional life began when I worked as a teacher of English as a Second Language. I worked with children, teenagers, adults and even with a class of seniors only. This was a good experience to improve my fluency in a foreign language. Before graduation, I worked as an intern at the British Embassy in Brazil, where I improved my translation practice and had contact with more formal texts, such as official mail, speeches and diplomacy documents in general.

Later, I volunteered at the Pan American Games in Rio in 2007, when I decided to move to the Wonderful City. I worked directly with the Argentine delegation and had, among other functions, to work as an interpreter of Spanish into Portuguese. It was an unforgettable experience. After that, I worked at an engineering company, where I was part of the international project of the CSA steel mill in Santa Cruz, Rio de Janeiro. During this period of almost two years, I translated many technical documents in the field of engineering and construction, such as descriptive memoranda, bills of quantities and technical specifications.

Then I worked for a translation agency, where I stayed for almost three years. I had the opportunity to be in contact with many kinds of texts. I translated documents about geology, HSE, business management, chemistry, marketing, law, architecture, movie industry, oil and gas, steel industry and many other contexts. I became familiar with translation memory programs, especially Wordfast.

With the experience acquired, I decided to start my own business. Currently, I work with a team of high quality and trusty translators and proofreaders, therefore I am able do provide large translations even within unfavorable deadlines. I also became familiarized with new translation tools, such as Trados, memoQ and Xbench.

I offer my services of translation and interpreting directly from Botafogo, in Rio de Janeiro.

I am a member of the Brazilian Union of Translators (SINTRA) and of the Brazilian Association of Translators and Conference Interpreters (ABRATES).

Written Translations

Translating is to pass a text into another language being faithful to the original, but obeying the grammatical rules and the context of the foreign language. With the help of translation software, I already have a memory of previously translated texts that allows me to have a database of each context of work, in addition to technical glossaries. Your translation will have an improved quality not only because I use dictionaries, but also because I look up similar texts of the same context, in order to find the best choice of word or expression. I also have the support of revisors who are native speakers of the target languages. They analyze the final text, looking for any inconsistencies. Ask for my portfolio of works to check my previous translations!

Simultaneous Translation

“The translator writes and the interpreter speaks.” Simultaneous interpreting, the technical term of this profession, is a different activity when compared with translation. As it is not documented in a written way, it demands intense vocabulary research prior to the event, and extreme concentration for simultaneous interpreting. This service is charged at a daily rate, according to the standards of the International Association of Conference Interpreters, AIIC. I am trained to perform the following modes of interpreting: simultaneous interpreting (with sound equipment and a booth), consecutive interpreting (when the speaker takes turns with the interpreter, who takes notes), whispered interpreting (when only one or two listeners need translation) ans liaison interpreting (in case of official visits of authorities). My resumé of past events is available upon request by email.



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