Glossário: doenças infantis

Nunca esqueci das aulas de interpretação quando o professor nos disse que tínhamos que saber de cor todos os nomes das doenças infantis em inglês. Ora, mas por que?, eu me perguntei. Por um motivo muito óbvio. Pessoas tem filhos. Palestrantes tem filhos. Palestrantes se atrasam, começam a falar esbaforidos, acabam por dizer a desculpa de “meu filho […]

Culinária internacional

Me passou algo engraçado essa semana, tive que traduzir receitas americanas. Aé então só tinha vertido receitas brasileiras para o inglês, me divertindo em explicar que o queijo coalho é um hard coalho cheese e o catupiry é um creamy catupiry cheese. Dessa vez, a coisa se inverteu. Apareceram termos que eu nunca tinha visto […]

Dearest creature in creation…

… study English pronunciation It’s been some three months since I started having English classes with this fun Englishman. “But, Marina, I thought you were a translator and interpreter! How come you need English classes?” I am a Brazilian translator and interpreter, my native language is Portuguese. I do know a lot about the English […]

What’s on your bookshelf?

Inspired by Clibiste‘s post, I decided to share with you the books I own. I must confess I feel like I should be a more dedicated reader, but no one can say I do not own good dictionaries: I was always fascinated by dictionaries. My greatest fear with the advance of technology was to have […]

Translation: “Brazilianisms part 3”

This article was published in a Brazilian science magazine named Superinteressante and here’s the English version of the influences of the Brazilian Portuguese language. We Are All Poliglots The languages of Brazil Know some languages that enriched the vocabulary of Brazilian Portuguese by Leandro Narloch Arabian, Yoruba, Tupi, Cantonese, Catalan, Occitan. Every time you open […]

Brazilianisms part 2

Last weekend I went to Sao Paulo and, naturally, I visited the Museum of the Portuguese Language. If you still did not have the chance to visit it, please hurry up. Not only the museum offers beautiful attractions to the speakers, lovers and appreciators of the last flower of Latium, the temporary exhibition is currently […]


I though it would be a good idea to spread the Brazilian culture online by translating some great songs. This one is a personal favourite by João Bosco (and the finest lyricist Aldir Blanc) and it shows great images of the Brazilian popular culture. The very own title, for example, is a regular football expression […]


Colonial Brazil? No, Rio de Janeiro, 2013. Lately I have emailed companies in Rio offering my translation services for their websites available in Portuguese only. This year we are going to host the FIFA Confederations Cup, plus Catholic Church’s World Youth Day. Next year, we will welcome the FIFA World Cup and in 2016, the […]

Shallow? Me?

I was in a booth yesterday that made me realize what I was always told: how important it is for an interpreter to be aware of any and all pieces of information. I can say now that since I started interpreting nothing else sounds shallow to me and all those afternoons I spent watching E! […]

Milhões de milhares de bilhões

[EN] Valerie Taylor-Bouladon, on her “Conference Interpreting Principles and Practices” explained it all so well: In the USA and France a trillion is a thousand billlions (that is, 1 followed by twelve zeros), equivalent to an English billion. In the UK and Germany, however, a trillion is 1 followed by eighteen zeros. What the British and […]