Culinária internacional

Me passou algo engraçado essa semana, tive que traduzir receitas americanas. Aé então só tinha vertido receitas brasileiras para o inglês, me divertindo em explicar que o queijo coalho é um hard coalho cheese e o catupiry é um creamy catupiry cheese. Dessa vez, a coisa se inverteu. Apareceram termos que eu nunca tinha visto […]

Translation: “Don’t feel bad because I live in Brasilia. Please don’t.”

Patrick Gough, urban transportation planner from San Francisco, said in a NYT article that he felt bad for those who live in Brasilia, since we are isolated from one another. Patrick, I did not need to go beyond the second line to understand that you did not leave the Hotel Sector/ Monumental Axis circuit before […]

Everyday Life

When Chico Buarque sang that “every day she does everything the same way”, he certainly wasn’t talking about me. Now that’s something I don’t have: a routine. But then again, who told me to try to do a bit of everything? Mea culpa, my most grievous fault. Monday, for example, I was converting glossaries and […]

Translation: Concrete Poetry

  Poetry in concrete addresses everyday issues and brings reflections Messages and verses written on poles, bus stops, curbs and underpasses attract the attention of Brasília natives Gabriella Furquim Those who walk around Brasília find poetry printed in unimaginable places. Verses have left the books and are now in bus stops, underpasses, poles, curbs, sidewalks, […]

Tradução: “O que acontece quando uma língua não tem números?”

O povo Pirahã no rio Maici no Amazonas, Brasil. (Foto cedida por Tony Muricy) Por Mike Vuolo Os Pirahã são um povo indígena, com uma população de cerca de 700 pessoas, que vive ao longo das margens do rio Maici na floresta do noroeste do Brasil. Sua língua, também chamada Pirahã, é tão incomum sob […]

What’s on your bookshelf?

Inspired by Clibiste‘s post, I decided to share with you the books I own. I must confess I feel like I should be a more dedicated reader, but no one can say I do not own good dictionaries: I was always fascinated by dictionaries. My greatest fear with the advance of technology was to have […]

10 questions for translators

I was reading my Twitter timeline and came across this link from the blog A Smart Translator’s Reunion and decided to join the conversation. See my answers below: 1. Four-parter: Where do you live? What are your language pairs? How did you learn those languages? What types of documents do you translate? I’m originally from Brazil, where […]

Brazilianisms part 2

Last weekend I went to Sao Paulo and, naturally, I visited the Museum of the Portuguese Language. If you still did not have the chance to visit it, please hurry up. Not only the museum offers beautiful attractions to the speakers, lovers and appreciators of the last flower of Latium, the temporary exhibition is currently […]


Colonial Brazil? No, Rio de Janeiro, 2013. Lately I have emailed companies in Rio offering my translation services for their websites available in Portuguese only. This year we are going to host the FIFA Confederations Cup, plus Catholic Church’s World Youth Day. Next year, we will welcome the FIFA World Cup and in 2016, the […]

Milhões de milhares de bilhões

[EN] Valerie Taylor-Bouladon, on her “Conference Interpreting Principles and Practices” explained it all so well: In the USA and France a trillion is a thousand billlions (that is, 1 followed by twelve zeros), equivalent to an English billion. In the UK and Germany, however, a trillion is 1 followed by eighteen zeros. What the British and […]