Everyday Life

When Chico Buarque sang that “every day she does everything the same way”, he certainly wasn’t talking about me. Now that’s something I don’t have: a routine. But then again, who told me to try to do a bit of everything? Mea culpa, my most grievous fault. Monday, for example, I was converting glossaries and […]


Colonial Brazil? No, Rio de Janeiro, 2013. Lately I have emailed companies in Rio offering my translation services for their websites available in Portuguese only. This year we are going to host the FIFA Confederations Cup, plus Catholic Church’s World Youth Day. Next year, we will welcome the FIFA World Cup and in 2016, the […]

How to be a good client

“Wow, you guys are miracle workers, I can’t imagine how you manage to do that!” More than one high-skill worker (fluent in more than one foreign language) has said that to me. It always amazes me. But thinking back when I was a translation undergraduate, the first time I saw a booth at a lecture, […]