Translation: “Don’t feel bad because I live in Brasilia. Please don’t.”

Patrick Gough, urban transportation planner from San Francisco, said in a NYT article that he felt bad for those who live in Brasilia, since we are isolated from one another. Patrick, I did not need to go beyond the second line to understand that you did not leave the Hotel Sector/ Monumental Axis circuit before […]

You know you are born and raised in…

  I’ve just read these great articles talking about different places and people. It’s a very interesting way to learn more about foreign cultures. The Sao Paulo version was quite accurate, so I assume the others are as well. I’m so glad to know now that France’s favorite time of the day is 4 pm, Argentinians […]

Translation: Concrete Poetry

  Poetry in concrete addresses everyday issues and brings reflections Messages and verses written on poles, bus stops, curbs and underpasses attract the attention of Brasília natives Gabriella Furquim Those who walk around Brasília find poetry printed in unimaginable places. Verses have left the books and are now in bus stops, underpasses, poles, curbs, sidewalks, […]

Translation: “Brazilianisms part 3”

This article was published in a Brazilian science magazine named Superinteressante and here’s the English version of the influences of the Brazilian Portuguese language. We Are All Poliglots The languages of Brazil Know some languages that enriched the vocabulary of Brazilian Portuguese by Leandro Narloch Arabian, Yoruba, Tupi, Cantonese, Catalan, Occitan. Every time you open […]

Brazilianisms part 2

Last weekend I went to Sao Paulo and, naturally, I visited the Museum of the Portuguese Language. If you still did not have the chance to visit it, please hurry up. Not only the museum offers beautiful attractions to the speakers, lovers and appreciators of the last flower of Latium, the temporary exhibition is currently […]


I though it would be a good idea to spread the Brazilian culture online by translating some great songs. This one is a personal favourite by João Bosco (and the finest lyricist Aldir Blanc) and it shows great images of the Brazilian popular culture. The very own title, for example, is a regular football expression […]