One step at a time

Last week I worked as an interpreter in a religious conference and it was the first time I had the chance to use the famous portable equipment. I had seen the big case before (which, oddly enough, being so big I always assume is full of dollar bills), during my Embassy days, but it was the first […]

Shallow? Me?

I was in a booth yesterday that made me realize what I was always told: how important it is for an interpreter to be aware of any and all pieces of information. I can say now that since I started interpreting nothing else sounds shallow to me and all those afternoons I spent watching E! […]

How to be a good client

“Wow, you guys are miracle workers, I can’t imagine how you manage to do that!” More than one high-skill worker (fluent in more than one foreign language) has said that to me. It always amazes me. But thinking back when I was a translation undergraduate, the first time I saw a booth at a lecture, […]