10 questions for translators

Marina Borges / 24 de julho de 2013

I was reading my Twitter timeline and came across this link from the blog A Smart Translator’s Reunion and decided to join the conversation. See my answers below for 10 questions for translators:

10 steps

1. Four-parter: Where do you live? What are your language pairs? How did you learn those languages? What types of documents do you translate? 

I’m originally from Brazil, where I live. My language pairs are Portuguese and English and occasionally Spanish, though it’s not my strong language. I learned English and Spanish attending language courses at first and then studying them more comprehensively in college. I usually translate technical documents of the oil and gas industry (which is booming in here theses days), plus legal agreements, HSE reports and resumés.

2. Do you do other language-related work?

Proofreading and conference interpreting (but I’m still a beginner on the latter).

3. What do you like most about translating? least? 

What I like most about translating is how it makes you feel like a sort of detective. Sometimes you have to dig all over the Internet to find the precise equivalent of that one term and when you manage to find it, it’s so rewarding. What I like least is how unappreciated it is, people think it’s a hobby, not a job.

4. What are your future dreams or goals, professionally speaking? 

I would like to pursue a career in conference interpreting (since it is so much more glamurous and better paid), but I would also like to stick to some occasional translations.

5. What do you think: do all translators need to specialize?

I don’t think it’s mandatory, but I do believe there are some specific fields you must know at least some basic terms, such as economics and legal ones.

6. What is your #1 tip for new translators?

Learn some CAT tools. They make our job so much easier.

7. What is a translation-related lesson you’ve learned on the job

Never underestimate proofreading, typing errors can cause a lot of troubles.

8. What book(s) are you reading right now?

Britain, etc. by Mark Easton

9. Do you have a blog or other online presence where we can learn more about you? Any favourite links or tips to share?

You can reach me at falecommarina.com.br/blog and my personal favorites are Tradutor Profissional, A Word in Your Ear and Food for Translators.

10. What’s one non-work-related tidbit your virtual colleagues might like to know about you?

I’m a Beatles enthusiast and a fair swimmer ;)

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